The exterior of the El Paso Art Museum.  "Identitad Geométrica" by Oswaldo Sagástegui is in the foreground.

Visiting El Paso

Often while traveling the idea of a place, or what’s written in a book about it, is far different from the reality when you actually get there.  El Paso is not a place most people living in the North East probably spend a lot of time thinking about.  I certainly didn’t think twice about it until I found myself flying…

Wandering around Chinatown with my photography class.  I spotted this guy in a old phone booth.

Ca$h for your Warhol: The Evolution of a Prank.

Originally posted on FOUR LETTER WORD:
Who would call a sign to sell a house?  That’s the question that started everything.  The second lecture of the evening, “Cash for your Warhol; The Evolution of a Prank,” was presented by Geoff Hargadon, a money manager, conceptual artist and photographer who introduced himself to the crowd by stating dryly, “There are two…


Halloween in Beacon Hill

With roots that stem from traditions which started a long time ago, in a country sort of far away, Halloween has become a holiday that is synonymous with the United States.   Costumes, candy, decorations, themed parties for grown ups and occasional scares it’s the kind of holiday, that inspires young and old alike to really reach for the stars when…


Illuminus, 2015

If the past summer has proven anything it’s that when art, science and innovative minds are brought together they can do amazing things and create the kind of innovative art that everyone gets very excited to see. As part of HUBweek, and rescheduled from the previous weekend due to the weather, Illuminus took over on Landsdowne Street, next to Fenway Park, on October…


My Digital Life, 2015

Back in the halcyon days of the pre digital age when communication was person to person, phone calls came via landlines, and prime time entertainment happened on cathode ray television sets, the internet as we know it was the stuff of science fiction. But then computers were created and the internet was born.  By the time I got my first…


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