The Baker Thomas Band are currently in residence at Toad and peform regularly.

Somerville Porchfest 2015

With grey skies, and my fingers crossed for no rain, I headed to Somerville’s PorchFest last Saturday May 16th.   Started in 2011 PorchFest has grown exponentially over the years and is basically a decentralized music crawl that spans Somerville.  Its the kind of event that you expect in an area known for its high density of artists and students, where…

star_bkground copy

Return to Sci-Fi: My Favourites

Lately my brain has been in overdrive, flooded with the memories of good times and favourite episodes, as the announcement of the return of the X-Files in miniseries sinks in and totally rocks my world, it’s been a little hard to focus on anything because, “I Want to Believe”! I’m not sure I would call myself a serious science fiction…


What’s in a Blog!?

The start of my first blog just happened to coincide with the start of a “temp” assignment I took to hold me over between freelance photography gigs.  Working as a temp or “temporary staff person” as one does to get by, is a very dubious honor, and maybe one day, but not today, I will write about it.  It does…


Happiness in a Bowl

As sustenance for latchkey kids, college undergrads, and broke 20 somethings for years, in the United States, ramen was considered an inferior food.  But not any more.  In the past few years we have seen a surge in interest in Japanese style Ramen restaurants opening all over the Metro Boston area.  While there were always a few token places people…

© Cerebella Design "Closeup, of Pattern"

Making Science Wearable: An Interview with Ariele Faber of Cerebella Design

Entrepreneur, scientist and fashion innovator Ariele Faber, founder of Cerebella Design, has been one of the pioneers changing the way we see the intersection of art and science by bringing us science we can wear.  It was a very happy accident that we shared an elevator at the Descience fashion show last October.   Since then the marriage of fashion…

Sitting in the shade in Union Square

sNOw more… please.

I don’t know about anywhere else, but it’s been QUITE a February here in Boston.   With weekly blizzards, record snowfalls and piles of snow almost twice my height everywhere, it feels like it might never end. I don’t think I’ve ever shoveled this much snow… and I have a new found respect for everyone who lives anywhere that regularly…


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