From Brainfart to Fever dream: A Brief History of Four Letter Word.

The start of my first blog roughly coincided with the start of a long term temp assignment I took to hold me over between freelance gigs.  Other than a regular paycheck the only major saving grace of the assignment was that with minimal expectations I had about 6 hours of quiet time every day to... Continue Reading →

Artist Interview with Gene Shinozaki

After getting his start as a busker on the streets of Boston, Gene Shinozaki has gone on to become a world class professional beatboxer, musician, performer and artist.  He sat down with recently me via telephone to answer a few questions about the state of beatboxing and what he has planned for the upcoming All... Continue Reading →

Female in Rock: Engaging Males, Embracing Allies

*Guest post by Anna Rae ©2017.   *Illustration by Kip Lyall   Not long ago I was on a walk with a friend of mine who is a male musician. I was railing about the fact that young females are forced to think about adorning their bodies and pandering for male attention, while young males... Continue Reading →

My 12 Scares of Christmas

Christmas movies have their time and place in our cultural cannon, but with the count down on sometimes I find there is nothing better than taking a minute to sit back and relax for a good old fashioned movie based holiday themed scare.  With that in mind I took a little inspiration from Man Down (S1,... Continue Reading →

All Together Now, 3rd Installment

With the summer slowly rolling to an end the final installment of All Together Now approaches.  The showcase on August 27th at the Lily Pad in Cambridge is the third installation of a series of multimedia art events that have unfolded over the course of the summer starting last April.   The brainchild of local musician... Continue Reading →

Interview with an Artist: Tracy Levesque

Life as an artist is never easy and "making it" is even more of a challenge.  Join me as I sit down with Tracy Levesque, also known as "the Birch Lady" and discuss some of the ins and outs of making your way in the art world. As my first attempt at this by no means... Continue Reading →

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