Fermented Food Competition

Even with a last minute venue change the Fermented Food Competition, part of The Takedowns series, was held as scheduled at the Radian Boston, June 26th from 2 – 5 pm.  The small but passionate group of participants ranged in profession from chefs to scientists and they presented an impressive array of sweet and savory dishes that were surprising in both…

The White Stag (AKA Portland Oregon sign from the Burnside Bridge

Road Tripping: A Prodigal Son Revisits the American Northwest. Part 2

Guest Post by Nathan Langford.  All images by Nathan Langford When I was in high school in the mid- to late 90’s, I’d occasionally visit Tacoma.  It wasn’t without some trepidation that adults agreed to chaperone whichever trip we were taking.  Local legend pegged it as a rough place that shared an airport with Seattle, a city with much better PR. …

Shortly before the epic battle commenced, the dark side gathered on one portion of the field.

Space Battle 2016

The mood was light and the air was thick as a costume clad, light sword wielding crowd descended upon Boston Commons around 8pm, on May 28th to participate in a space battle of epic proportions. Set against the backdrop of Boston the “Space Battle,” which was part of the “Cats in Space Tour,” was part of a multi-state initiative to bring people together that…


All Together Now: Event Preview

When we talk about Art, we typically talk about one creative genre or another.  Dance, music, painting, poetry, performance art these are traditionally based creative genre’s that have their own creative communities that have developed around them.  But, what happens when you’re inspired by other genres and start looking for a way to bridge these communities? Some explore multiple disciplines…

Watching Hitchcock's "The Bird's" on the Rose Kennedy Greenway was a highlight of last summer

Movies, Open Air Screenings & Film Festivals

It’s hard to roll into spring without thinking about things like snow melting, flowers blooming and the film festival season starting anew.  Even with a still burgeoning film industry Massachusetts has its share of film credits, cinephiles and film festivals.  With that in mind I’ve been revisiting some of last summers fun and I thought I would share some thoughts on what we…


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