Ladies Rock Camp, Final Showcase!

(Above: Atomic Savants, Performing “I Want.” Charlotte Huffman – Drums, JoEllen Yannis – Bass, Kristen Scioli – Vocals, Shandal Grayson – Guitar)

In front of an enthusiastic and supportive crowd, nine novice bands rocked out at the Ladies Rock Camp showcase at TT the Bear’s, on May 20th.

The performances came after a weekend boot camp during which, women in a range of ages, formed a group, were instructed in how to start playing an instrument, and wrote a song that they performed at the showcase.  Bands with names like, “Vowel Movement,””Dusty Muffin,” and the, “Incidental Divas,” performed songs called, “Rhymes with Truck,”and “Stratocastor,” to the sizable and diverse crowd.

It was a unique and exhilarating experience for the women that participated, “It was one of my most memorable experiences in life,” said Kristen Scioli, the Vocalist for the Atomic Savants. “Right up there with my first performance in a school play and my first time (as a lawyer) presenting a case before a judge in court.”

With beers in one hand and camera phones in the other the audience swayed with the music against the backdrop of a brightly lit stage and bands rocking hard as they performed their one song set, and then rotated out.

For a lot of the women, their performance was just the beginning. “My band, Atomic Savants was fortunate to have 2 amazing managers, Erin King and Meredith Shantz, who enthusiastically encouraged us to keep playing and writing songs. We have some practices scheduled and hope to play a full set before the fall!,” Scioli said.

The showcase was one of two fundraising events to raise money and awareness for the Girls Rock Camp Boston, which happens for two weeks over the summer.   The Girls Rock Camp program is geared towards girls from 8-17 years old, to help them build self-esteem by giving them a creative outlet and teaching them some of the finer points of rock and roll.

If the Girls Rock Camp is as cool as the Ladies Rock Camp Showcase was, then the 15.00 cover charge, was a modest effort for such a cool event and a fun cause.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristen says:

    So glad you could make it to the showcase, Julia! Thanks for the great write-up and videoooo! Rock on, gal!


    1. JuliaSwanson says:

      You guys really rocked, keep it up!


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