My trip to Comic Con

Life is full of firsts.

Your first step,
your first day of school,
The first time you drive a car…

…and, your first trip to Comic Con.

Even if I hadn’t been walking down the street and hadn’t seen people dressed up in costumes it would have been hard not to know that Comic Con Boston 2013 was happening last weekend.

The anticipation, the costumes and the fact that Comic Con was originally schedule to happen around the same time as the Marathon made it quite an event in the city and people came out in droves.

Entering the convention center the excitement was tangible and people all ages, shapes and sizes were everywhere laughing, shopping and running around.  In many ways, Comic Con was exactly what I thought it would be.  There were crazy costumes, serious Cosplayers and more comic books than I ever imagined in one place.  What I didn’t expect was that despite the party like atmosphere there was enormous sense of community that also existed.  Of course, this could be expected because Comic Con is a place where comic book fans can go and enjoy comic books.

But Comic Con it is also a showcase for the writers and artists who make comic books.  For them it is an opportunity to communicate directly with fans, network amongst themselves and build a new audience.

Josh Dahl a writer and creator of the comic book, “Rapid City,” explained to me that that the convention felt much bigger and more popular than the previous years he had attended and he was very excited to be there again.   His comic book, “Rapid City,” is about a superhero becoming a superhero.  It was interesting to hear him talk about the process he went through to create the stories in each of the books. To hear him explain it, working the creation of his superhero character into the story he wrote sounded very meta and he assured me that it is.

There was a lot to take in as I wandered up and down the long aisles.  Much to my delight I ran into Cathy Leamy as I was wandering around.  A local indie comic book artist, who recently gave an excellent Nerd Night talk titled, “Comics and Healthcare” Leamy was excited to see me and I was excited to see her.  Even with it being close to the end of the first day she was very enthusiastic and it was great getting a chance to talk to her a little bit more about her art and what it was like being there.  “Being at Comic Con is like eating cotton candy that’s made out of adrenaline!” she said, “and everyone looks so good.”

Despite the fact that my feet could only take me so far, there was lots of other stuff to see and do and at times it did feel a little overwhelming but.  For die hard fans I can see how Comic Con is easily the kind of event you could just get lost in and spend all day, or all weekend, enjoying and i’m sure some people did.   Events were planned and scheduled like artist panels, an art auction, a costume contest, a film festival, photo ops with actors from The Hobbit and True Blood, Gaming and portfolio reviews.

But enough of my talking… Comic Con has come and gone and although I didn’t go to any of the featured events, I feel I am somehow improved for having gone.  So, I leave you with a slightly longer than usual gallery of some pictures I took while there.

Enjoy and maybe i’ll see you next year!

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