First Night Boston

If you don’t live in Boston, or aren’t from the area, then you might not know about First Night.   Not just “for tourists” First Night Boston is a yearly ritual during which for the price of a First Night button, you can see performers (i.e., singers, comedy troupes, dancers etc… ) in different venues throughout the city.   The oldest First Night celebration in the country,  I remember First Night being a lot of fun when I was a kid, there are activities for everyone and after spending a day running around the city to see ice sculptures and different events there is  a parade, and then it’s all capped off with a display of fireworks to usher in the new year.

Of course, some people are always scared away by the cold but real New Englanders just throw on an extra layer, grab some Dunkin’ Donuts (or, let’s be honest… Starbucks) and head out until they can’t feel their fingers and toes anymore.  Although it’s been a while since I’ve bought a button,  I usually hit up some aspect of first night every year even if it’s just to people watch or wander around and take pictures like I did this year.    While it was chilly, I did manage to take a few decent ones on my stroll around downtown!

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