Cambridge Dance Party!

Last Friday in Central Square, Cambridge held their annual Dance Party in front of City Hall on Mass Ave.  It was, as it usually is, totally awesome… but this year the crowd seemed exceptionally large and really REALLY into it.   There were people of all ages enjoying everything from Disco to Latin to pop music and regardless of what was played everyone seemed to be digging it.  Even if you didn’t feel much like dancing it was a pretty amazing way to spend a Friday evening in late June.  As always its the kind of event that reminds you that Cambridge isn’t just a city with a few big schools and lots of smart people, but a vibrant and fun community to be part of.  If you weren’t there, what can I say?  Maybe you will enjoy some of my pictures? Maybe you will make it next year.

Photographing and being quite literally in the middle of everything was challenge, so I just had fun with it.

(The Images in this gallery are a combination of images from the 2014 and 2015 Cambridge Dance Party)