What the… Fluff Fest!?

Fluff is what you would call a regional specialty.   What is Fluff?  It’s a soft marshmallowy confection that comes in a big white tub with a bright red lid.  You can eat it any way you can think of really, on sandwich with peanutbutter (maybe some nutella), with a spoon, as part of a dessert, and around the holidays lots of people use it to make fudge.  It’s one of those things you either seem to love or hate.   Because it was created locally Fluff has a long history here, it’s part of our culture and people are very very passionate about it.

So,  it should be no surprise to anyone that “What the Fluff?” aka, “Fluff Fest 2014” a celebration of Fluff and all things Fluff related went down in Union Square in Somerville last Saturday.   Although, I have to admit Fluff isn’t really my favourite thing, it was pretty amazing and fun event to be at.

Wandering in and out of Somerville, and Union Square in particular, over the years it’s been amazing watching it change from a place that people drive through to get to Harvard Square into the kind of place that people flock to on a warm Saturday afternoon and it’s easy to see how Somerville has been earning it’s reputation as one of the coolest, hippest places around.

(*The good people at Boston Magazine have written a great series about Fluff related things, and some behind the scenes)