Boston Fashion Week: Copley Catwalk Series

Fashion is something that we are all aware of and interpret in our own way, whether we admit it or not.  It has always been kind of a mystery to me.  When I say that I don’t mean my wardrobe of primarily black pants, shoes and shirts throws me for a loop, I mean fashion as an art form, as wearable self expression which through craftsmanship explores the possibilities of shape, texture, colour and form is not something I know a lot about.

Despite that as I wandered through the Copley Place Mall yesterday looking at stuff, I noticed that preparations for the Copley Catwalk were being finalized.  As part of Boston Fashion Week, the Copley Catwalk was open to the public and featured two shows, one of designs by L.K. Bennett and a second of designs by students from the Massachusetts College of Art.   As it was explained to me by the nice people at the information booth, all I had to do was wait in line to get in.

So I queued up, waited a few minutes before we were allowed entry and then found a seat close-ish to the runway.

I don’t often go to fashion shows and by that I mean, never.  But the idea of “fashion” is pretty fascinating.  Particularly when you start to think about how a design goes from inception, into fabrication and then ends up on one of the models walking down a runway.  So, the opportunity to watch a show from a good vantage point was hard to pass up. My only real limitation was the dwindling battery on my iPhone which was the only thing I had to take pictures with.

By the time the shows began the audience was very excited.  There was clapping, cheering and commentary.  People pointed out their friends and everyone, I mean everyone, was taking pictures.  With a rotating selection of female models, the designs paraded up and down the runway in a carefully choreographed showcase of colours and textures.  In a way it reminded of performance art.

While a lot can, and should, be said about fashion I’m probably not the best person to say it so, instead I’ve included a gallery of iPhone images to speak for me.

However, my interest in fashion has definitely been piqued and while I will certainly never be considered a “fashionista” it’s very likely that this is area I will continue to explore at some point down the line, because ultimately I love the idea of art that is tactile, wearable and can transform.

Boston Fashion Week events continue through October 11th, more information about them can be found on their website