Innovation and Nostalgia make the “Projector Party” at Aeronaut a Wild Time.

It is hard to imagine that with the added inducements of music and friends, on top of food, beer and video games, something like a Projector Party wouldn’t draw a sizable and lively crowd. Such was the case at Aeronaut Brewery just outside of Somerville’s Union Square on October 24th where, as the Projector Party got underway Aeronaut Brewery’s creatively lit and cavernous space was converted into a backdrop for a night of food, drink, DJ’s and interactive audio visual art.

Hosted with technical support and projection hardware from the Non-Fiction Cartel the Projector Party featured videos ranging from the very old school to narrative to app based interactive technology.  Exhibits featured work from groups, like Video Bleep, whose projection dome I experienced last summer at Figment Boston, and who presented an interactive video in which observers became participants using their smart phones to control different birds in their projection.

The experience was immersive, and the crowd was both extremely enthusiastic and inquisitive, a mishmash of ages and professions which gave the evening a distinctly bohemian feel.  There was a lot to take in and it was easy to get lost in the event as coulours, shapes and sounds overlapped and filled the rooms of the brewery with an almost hypnotic effect.

Nestled on the end of Tyler Street next to the Artisan’s Asylum and Brooklyn Boulders, Aeronaut Brewery has been ready to rock and roll since it opened in the spring of 2014.   

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