Fire and Ice Festival at The Lawn on D

What better way to head into 2015 than with a Fire and Ice Festival!  At least that’s what I kept telling myself as I made my way down Summer Street and past the Boston Convention Center to The Lawn on D. (420 D Street).

The Lawn on D, is an experimental open air art and play space on the waterfront, next to the Boston Convention Convention center.  Since it opened in August 2014, The Lawn on D has continued to offer a alternative “play” space for the young and old a like.  With, music, performers, and a bar along with illuminated and interactive art such as the “Swing” installation that was part of it’s inaugural event last summer it should be no surprise that The Lawn on D was recognized as one of BostonInno’s 2014,”50 on Fire.”

Continuing it’s innovative free events The Lawn on D hosted the “Fire and Ice Festival” last weekend.  It ran from Friday January 2 to Sunday January 4th and featured food trucks such as The Taco Truck, Stoked Pizza, Sherezad and free samples from Legal Seafood.  But the main attractions were probably the ice maze and the fire dancers, presented by the Boston Circus Guild who performed on both Friday and Saturday nights.  Postponed from the previous weekend due the warm temperature last weekend was a sharp contrast with it’s cold winds and yes, snow.  But judging by what I saw, that stopped no one.

Although I don’t know what the future plans for the Lawn on D are, I will say that the space is large and the idea for it’s use as an experimental open space is wonderful, and one which I think we could all continue to benefit from.  For more information about the Lawn on D, check out their website

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