Somerville Porchfest 2015

With grey skies, and my fingers crossed for no rain, I headed to Somerville’s PorchFest last Saturday May 16th.   Started in 2011 PorchFest has grown exponentially over the years and has become a decentralized music show/crawl that spans Somerville.  Its the kind of event that you expect in an area known for its high density of artists and students, where on any given summer night you would probably hear music wafting out of back yard barbecues and off roof decks.   So, it was probably not a big leap for the Somerville Arts Council to decide to “organize” it, and lucky for us they did!

Broken up into three approximately two hour time blocks (12-2, 2-4, 4-6) PorchFest generously featured about 200 bands scattered across Somerville.  You could start at the Union Square end of Somerville around noon and wind your way up and down sidestreets slowly making your way past Davis Square around 6.   It was a very long walk, but with music in the background and spring in the air, people were out to have a good time and it was super chill afternoon.

With a few minor frustrations in the early part of the day, including the fact that the Porchfest website seemed to crash early Saturday morning, it didn’t hinder my experience any.   While, I will probably forever wish that they had Somerville Porchfest app, or downloadable map (maybe there was one and I just didn’t realize it) and that there was a little more signage with band names and twitter handles etc… to connect with bands. I ended up just following the sounds and it was easy enough to figure out my next stop.  It all felt very bohemian, freeflowing and very “Somerville” in the most progressive sense of the world, and it has recently spawned an offshoot in Jamaica Plain that is set to happen in early July.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.17.33 PM
Version of the map I printed out and forgot at home. 😦 Would not have helped me anyways.

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