Jamaica Plain Porchfest 2015

If Somerville Porchfest is a music festival then the Jamaica Plain Porchfest, or JP Porchfest, definitely felt like more of an all inclusive arts festival.  Now in it’s second year, JP Porchfest 2015 took place last Saturday July, 11 from 12 – 6PM.  Started as a spinoff of the Somerville Porchfest that began in 2011, JP Porchfest featured acts throughout the neighborhood and that ranged from spoken word to dancing to music, and showcased the kind of eclectic creativity that the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain has always been known for.

(Mark Lipman with Reid Angwin on guitar playing “My Old Friend” Special thanks to Mark Lipman and Nathan Langford for the video)

Despite the heat, and the ridiculously long time it took me to get to Jamaica Plain on public transportation (“E” Train, with delays to “39” up S. Huntington.  My mistake, I know better, never again), the streets were packed and Center Street was hopping.

Admittedly I don’t get to Jamaica Plain all that often, but once I got there I remembered what it is that makes Jamaica Plain so incredibly special.  While every neighborhood has it’s own flavour, Jamaica Plain is one of the few that is a world all of it’s own.  People were everywhere, families, tourists, musicians and  pets ambling up and down the streets, beneath the hot summer sun, going from venue to venue together.   Despite how long it took me to get to and from Jamaica Plain, the JP Porchfest made it all worth it, and did not disappoint in any way.

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  1. ks says:

    How much fun! What a great way to spend a summer afternoon.


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