The Isles Arts Initiative is a summer long public art series installed on George’s and Spectacle Island. With the main installation on Spectacle Island titled “Seen/Unseen” running from July 11 – August 22, and “Cove” and the installation on Georges Island running from July 11 – August 26 the public art on display aims to provoke and inspire. Featuring a series of installations that explore different aspects of island life, flora and fauna the work highlights the sharp, but not necessarily divergent contrast, between our local history and our vision for the city moving forward.   Designed for interaction the series encourages visitors to get off the beaten path and explore topics like climate change, while experiencing the beauty and history of George’s Island first hand.

With some of the islands open to the public and a generous amount of natural beauty the Boston Harbor Islands are a short ferry ride from Downtown Boston and a popular day trip.    The Boston Harbor Island National and State Park is made up of 34 islands and parks which are in my humble opinion an often under-appreciated part of our national legacy.

The Isle arts Initiative is a summer long public art series on Georges and Spectacle islands which inclcudes work featured in the Boston Sculptors Gallery.    By expanding their offerings to include not just natural and historical points of interest but also a selection of public arts programming the Boston Harbor Islands are cutting a wider swath through Boston’s cultural landscape and provide a vital outlet for new collaborations. Along with art installations there are also scheduled performances which are part of the Berklee Summer Concert Series and which feature performances by students and groups from Berklee College of Music.

Posted by:Julia Swanson

Julia Swanson is a writer, photographer and multimedia producer.

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