If the past summer has proven anything it’s that when art and science are brought together the results can be nothing short of amazing.

It was hard to know what to expect heading over towards Fenway Park around 7pm on October 10th.   I knew that there would be light based installations but that was pretty much it. Turning onto Landsdowne Street the atmosphere was literally electric, filled with generators, lights and music making the air the air pulse with energy as you walked down the narrow street.  It had a Wonderland meets Tron feel and despite how crowded it might have been there was surreal sense of calm and cathartic abandonment as we all wandered through the electric maze like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Part of a global “Nuit Blanche” movement that started in Paris, Illuminus Boston debuted in 2014 in Boston’s South End and features interactive and innovative sculpture, video, music, performances and video art.  “ILLUMINUS showcases Boston’s artistic talent and new ideas in public art and civic participation relevant to the future of cities and communities,” according to their press release.  Showcasing 30 projects such as “Waking the Monster” a large scale multidisciplinary performance presented up the side of Fenway Park that synched live rhythms and music to multicolored lights projected along the exterior wall.   Illuminus Boston is one of those events that you could write about for hours and hours and still not really make people understand what it was like because it is meant to be experienced and ultimately, like any good concert or performance the magic really happens when you’re there and experiencing it yourself.

ILLUMINUS Boston will be back. The location and art installed is always changing.  Please check the Illuminus website for upcoming events information, installation information and artist details.

Posted by:Julia Swanson

Julia Swanson is a multimedia storyteller, photographer and visual artist.

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