Movies, Open Air Screenings & Film Festivals

It’s hard to roll into spring without thinking about things like snow melting, flowers blooming and the film festival season starting anew.  Even with a still burgeoning film industry Massachusetts has its share of film credits, cinephiles and film festivals.  With that in mind I’ve been revisiting some of last summers fun and I thought I would share some thoughts on what we can look forward to.

Can you make a short movie in 48 hours?” If you can’t, don’t worry because there are plenty of very determined and creative people who can and do manage to make a short film as I found out during the 48 hour film project, which happens in Boston every spring.  The short movies run the gamut and once production is finished the films are submitted and entries are screened at the weekends close.  Then we have all the film festivals which kick off right after the New Year, but honestly they run year round and grow in popularity every year.

Sometimes there really is no place like home, and when it comes to home viewing marathons can be a lot of fun especially with a lot of friends.  Science Fiction, B-Movies, spring themed and K-Dramas are all on a regular rotation and have all made my lists of stuff to watch.  While it might be hard to decide my favorite among them, if pressed for an answer I think I would have to say right now “Journalism in the Movies” is still right at the top of my list but, of course you don’t have to take my word for it and as the summer winds on I always seem to get sucked back into cheesy science fiction.

Undoubtedly one of the best things to do is see a movie on “the Big Screen”.  In this day and age of mini screens and the ubiquitous personal electronic device there are so many options for program watching but watching a movie in the dark with a couple hundred strangers still can’t be beat.  At least in my opinion.  As a twist on an old classic, open air movies have become sort of the thing “thing.” Everyone from the Boston Children’s Museum to the Prudential Center to the Hatch Shell and the Rose Kennedy Greenway is hosting a series of some sort it seems.  Even places out side of Boston are having free screenings so it can’t hurt to check out a few lists and see what’s going on.  There are lots of options so i’m including two links to two of my favourite places to check down below.

*This twitter feed is great if you’re looking for free films 

*For a list of film festivals in Massachusetts click here