Space Battle 2016

The mood was light and the air was thick as a costume clad, light sword wielding crowd descended upon Boston Commons around 8pm, on May 28th to participate in a space battle of epic proportions.

Set against the backdrop of Boston the “Space Battle,” which was part of the “Cats in Space Tour,” was part of a multi-state initiative to bring people together that took place across North America during the months of April and May. The brain child of co-founders Kevin Bracken and Lori Kufner, the Space Battle is one in a series of family centric, all-ages events like massive pillow fights and bubble parties that the duo has been creating since 2005. “We are excited to get back on the road, put on some huge, family-friendly events, and raise money for the amazing work that Make-A-Wish does,” said Kevin Bracken, tour co-founder.

Sith lords, Kylo Rens, Jedi’s, Padwans (and their parents) and even a Darth Vader or two all practiced their swordplay with the kind of wild unbridled enthusiasm that you imagine super fans would.  As night descended and the glow from the swords combined with pre-battle sparring fueled the crowds excitement, the build up to the main event got intense.  Now to be honest,  I’ve seen Star Wars and I like it but I’m not the worlds biggest fan.  Even so the raw enthusiasm of the participants, on top of the fact that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of swords for the Boston battle benefitted Make-A-Wish of Massachusetts & Rhode Island, and the fact that glowing swords have an enormous “cool” factor, totally won me over.

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