All Together Now, 3rd Installment


The brainchild of local musician and arts innovator Anna Rae, All Together Now was conceived as a way to open a multidisciplinary creative forum for marginalized artists from the Metro Boston area and beyond.  Rae’s ambition for this project is as impressive as the outcome which has grown in popularity and support, with each new installment. “Not surprisingly, opening space for artists who tend to be marginalized (due to race, gender, orientation, etc.) has also drawn audiences with similar identities.” said Rae in an email interview, “Art is inherently relational. Art is inherently about identity. People want, and deserve, to see artists on stage that represent them. I’d like to continue in that vein – generating shows where every type of audience member can come in and feel welcome, seen, and represented.”


The third installment will feature Rae’s band Hemway, along with a selection of different artists including the performance artists Brian King & Johnny Blazes,  Sarah Fard a jazz musician and educator, and Adlai Grayson, a Drag Performer, Dancer and Researcher out of MIT. Grayson who has been dancing for more than a decade will be performing a collaborative piece with accompanying dancers. He explained in a short interview that the piece he is presenting at the upcoming event, explores his personal evolution through a series of moments from different phases in his life set against a backdrop of contemporary pop music.


The success of the summers three shows begs the questions will we see more down the line?  “I think the idea – mutlimedia variety shows that make space for marginalized artists – has a ton of legs.” said Rae, “I’ve gotten more and more people offering to help out as the shows have gone on, and I’d like to explore the idea of broadening the project to a creation and an outlet for a bigger group of organizers.” Even if the idea for the show must evolve, I think that experimental events like this are critical to help keep our arts scene fresh and inclusive and I hope that one way or another it will live on.


More information about the upcoming showcase can be found on Facebook

Tickets are $15.00 and available in advance here


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