Julia Swanson

Editor – Photographer, Writer, Multimedia Artist

Julia is a Boston based photographer, writer, visual artist, multimedia producer and the creator of Four Letter Word. To see more of her work please visit her website at jscreatesonline.com

also blogging at: Brainfarts and Other Drivel

Nathan Langford

Acupuncturist, writer

Nathan Langford spends his days sticking needles into people as a licensed acupuncturist in Boston, MA. An enthusiastic traveler, he spends his free time researching cheap travel ideas.

Blog: A Nomads Way

Ana Rae

Writer, photographer, event producer

Anna Rae is a member of the poprock band Hemway, releases solo music as Anna Rae, produces the inclusive multimedia event series All Together Now, and writes about the lives and fashion of queer performers for Qwear.

Website: Hemway Band

Kip Lyall

Artist, Musician

Kip Lyall is a Somerville-living artist, illustrator, and musician. He once spent a few weeks animating the adventures of Word Girl, a super-heroine who used her knowledge of grammar and language to defeat evil.

Website: KipLyall.com

Mekala Roy

journalist, writer

Mekhala Roy got her Master’s degree in English from Calcutta University and earned her Master’s in Journalism from Northeastern University in 2013. She has contributed articles to the Somerville Journal and Cambridge Chronicle. She lives in the Greater Boston area with her husband.

Blog: mohabhoj

Melissa Tabeek

journalist, educator